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Management Staff
Patrizia Barucco
Director Culture and Cultural Heritage Dept.-Director Abu Dhabi Branch and of Kurdistan Branch

Viola Fanciullacci
Director Planning and Engineering Dept.

Giovanni Mastrandrea
Coordinator Development Consulting Dept., Head of Business Development

Antonio Tripodi
Head of Architectural design, Landscape architect

Flavia Cerroni
Head of Central and Latin America - Director of Guatemala Branch

Ivan Fanciullacci
Chief of staff, quality system and internal resources manager

Valentina Resente
Head of Housing and Urban Design

Senior Professional Staff
Andrea Rachele Fiore
Head of Programs and Representative of Mozambique Branch Office

Maritza Ramirez
Senior advisor and senior project manager - Guatemala Branch Office

Martha Romero
Human rights lawyer, senior advisor and senior project manager - Guatemala Branch Office

Barbara Lilliu
Senior Project manager and Representative of Belgium Branch Office, Secretary ARS4Progress

Laura Nicolini
Senior project manager, Conservation Architect

Damiano Luchetti
Senior biodiversity and sustainable development expert

Roberto Formato
Cultural Economist, Tourism expert, Management Engineer

Paolo Carlini
Civil society, M&E expert

Matteo Grassi
Bridge and Structural Engineer

Lucio Lorenzo Pettine
Landscape Architect

Ozlem Colakoglu
Project Manager

Marica Maramieri
Senior Project Manager

Anna Mordanova
Youth in Conservation of Cultural Heritage expert

Madlina Puka
Representative of Albania Branch Office & Good Governance, Economist and Sustainable Tourism Development expert

Alessandro Di Bennardo
Senior Conservation Architect & Design Manager

Permanent Consultants
Virginia Gravalos
Urban Development Planner / Architect

Andrea Giannantoni
Structural engineer in Heritage conservation

Norma Barbacci
Conservation Architect, Latin America

Donata Maccelli
Senior expert of local development, governance, M&E

Laura Bassini
Social Development/Community Engagement expert

Francesco Mannuccia
Architect Restorer

Alessandra Peruzzetto

Luca Boccardi
Hydraulic and Infrastructure Engineering

Gaetano Palumbo
specialist in conservation and site management planning

Junior Professional Staff
Meron Shawel Aychiluhim
Project Officer

Martina Miracapillo
Project officer and social media manager

Mónica Jiménez Baldivieso
Civil Engineer, Sanitation and Environment Specialist - Project & Tender Manager

Alessandro Capalbo
Architect planner

Giovanni Dettori
Project Officer

Jalal Ahmed
Engineer - Abu Dhabi Team

Alejandra Cianci

Cecilia Zironi
Urban Designer

Nirmiti Sutar
Conservation Architect

Nirzary Pujara
Conservation Architect

Alessandra Barnato
Project Officer

Fersana Hashim
Conservation architect and architectural designer

Gayathri Rajendran
Conservation Architect

Enea Serjani

Zaki Amiri
Conservation Architect

Silvia Coraiola

Technical Support Services
Olivia Scuppa
Projects finance manager

Rahaf Al-Shakhshir
Tender Manager and Businesses Development Assistant

Jenny York
Tender Manager and Contract Management Assistant

Administrative and Accounting Office
Anna Corvino
Senior Accountant

Massimo Tardioli
Head of Administrative and Accounting Office

Maria Luce Simonelli
Senior Accountant

Secreterial and Administrative Services
Gelsomina Russo
Secretariat and administrative assistant

Magda Catú
Secretariat and administrative assistant - Guatemala Branch Office

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