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Planning and Engineering



ARS Progetti developed a specific capacity to discover and reveal the “genius loci” of each site and base on this profound understanding the design of new areas and structures or the reuse of the existing ones.

This capacity was developed through our experience as lead firm in conservation, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of historical buildings, combined with up-to-date architectural and engineering research.

This knowledge translates in an original touch given to the design of new complexes, buildings and infrastructures, always associted with the highest level of technical and cultural expertise.

The “Urban Planning, Architecture, Engineering and Environment Department” avail themself of the “ARS Progetti Technical Office”.

Our permanent staff includes architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and tender documents specialists. Along with our associate consultants, they cover all the fields of urban planning, infrastructure, landscaping, structural engineering, architecture and environmental issues.

Today ARS Progetti’s technical office is fully equipped for architectural and engineering design and is endowed with up-to-date design software, computers, plotters, printers and survey equipment.


Our main sectors of expertise are:


Environment & water resources


Study for the Implementation of the Archiving Centre and the Computer Network of the Ministry including Training and IT Systems
Haiti - 2021-2022
National Authorising Officer for the European Development Funds (EDF)

Design and Supervision of Beautification and General Improvement of three Historical, Natural and Cultural objects in the Khatlon Region of Tajikistan
Tajikistan - 2020-2023
International Development Association (IDA)

Re-thinking the Sudan National Museum exposition in view of modern achievements of museology
Sudan - 2020-2021

Development of Concept for the Heritage Hub Regeneration in Areni Village and Adjacent Villages
Armenia - 2020-2021
Armenian Territorial Development Fund - World Bank


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