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Cultural Tourism



Our experience in the area of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activities has brought us to deal with Cultural Tourism in various parts of the world.

Tourism is seen as a driving development force which may generate employment and income from tangible and intangible heritage, in order to benefit local population, sustain

conservation, enhance dialogue and mutual understanding. However, its potential negative impacts are also well known, such as depletion of resources, monetization of own culture, social degradation.


Therefore our experience developed in the area of “Responsible Tourism” meaning respect for other cultures, conservation of values, authenticity and originality.


Design and Supervision of Beautification and General Improvement of three Historical, Natural and Cultural objects in the Khatlon Region of Tajikistan
Tajikistan - 2020-2023
International Development Association (IDA)

Re-thinking the Sudan National Museum exposition in view of modern achievements of museology
Sudan - 2020-2021

Development of Concept for the Heritage Hub Regeneration in Areni Village and Adjacent Villages
Armenia - 2020-2021
Armenian Territorial Development Fund - World Bank


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