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Development Consulting



The themes of Development and Development Cooperation are at the core of our history and our experience. The department works to provide ex-ante and/or ex-post studies of projects and programs as well as technical assistance.


The main areas of interest are: 



The crux of the matter in this area is complexity.  Within our consulting firm, we utilise scientific knowledge and professional experience to solve real and complex problems. Our approach is interdisicplinary.  Through our experience, we have found that dealing with complex, interconnected issues generally necessitates the involvement of diverse disciplines and stakeholders working together to provide a solution to a real, concrete problem affecting human beings: an institution, a government, a community, a region, country, a number of countries. The combination and integration of different areas of theoretical and practical knowledge require a very specific kind of expertise.  We liken this expertise to that of an orchestral director, who, in order to produce a beautifully composed piece, must posses the ability to conceptualize the performance as a whole, while simultaneously instructing and leading the different musicians and instruments. He understands both the language of music as well as the different, multi-faceted complexities that make up the whole.


To further clarify the way we see our work as development consultants we may quote some of the rules of our practice:

Listen first
Uncover the facts

Assessment of the error

Causal Space and Problems Boundaries
'to share'
rather than
'to inform'



Multiannual Working Programme 2021-2025 for the Association Palestinian Local Authorities (APLA)
Palestine - 2021
The Office of the European Union Representative

Compliance Review: Sector Reform Contract for Justice Reform (SRC JR)
Albania - 2020-2023
EC - EuropeAid

Support the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEFA) and Central Finance and Contracting Unit (CFCU) to effectively programme and implement grant contracts
Albania - 2020-2022
EC - EuropeAid

Technical Assistance to the National Coordinator against Corruption - Sector Reform Contract for the Fight against Corruption
Albania - 2020-2022
EC - EuropeAid


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