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Evaluation and Monitoring



The concept of learning by doing is one of the major challenges present in addressing development issues and international cooperation. The need to try new approaches, to abandon the convictions of the past and to remove the notion of models and development paths valid for everyone is yielding a growing consensus in the international community.

In the absence of certainties, the lessons of the experience are the pillars sustaining all development actions. And perhaps more then other organisations the International Institutions for Cooperation must leave room for doubt and criticism that allow them to evolve.

However evaluation is perhaps the most difficult task among those that may be entrusted to a professional consultant or to a consulting organisation.

It requires experience in all the phases of the project cycle, a deep cultural background and a trans-disciplinary competence. Some sort of system approach is needed, which does not come out from any plain assemblage of sectors and disciplines.


Actually, the context of Development, and even more that of Environment and Development, is a complex system of factors, constraints and conditions. This requires experts who can integrate their particular skill in a comprehensive vision of development, open mindedness and flexibility to adapt to Country’s specifics, according to environmental, political and socio-cultural contexts. We are confident to have developed such capacity.

During the last five years we have conducted over fourty evaluation studies.







Our experience includes:

Mid-term and final evaluation
Budget line evaluation
Thematic and geographic evaluation


Compliance Review: Sector Reform Contract for Justice Reform (SRC JR)
Albania - 2020-2023
EC - EuropeAid

Final evaluation of the European Union Programme for the Prevention of Violent Extremism in West Africa and the Lake Chad Region, 2nd phase
West Africa - 2020-2021
EC - EuropeAid

Mid-Term Evaluation of "Strengthening Reconciliation Processes in Sri Lanka"
Sri Lanka - 2020
EC - EuropeAid

Mid-term Evaluation of the EBRD Women in Business Programme in the Eastern Partnership (EaP)
East Europe - 2020

Final evaluation of Stemming Irregular Migration in Northern and Central Ethiopia – SINCE Programme, Ethiopia
Ethiopia - 2020
Embassy of Italy in Addis Ababa


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