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Education and Training


ARS Progetti delivers institutional support to educational and training services in many countries worldwide on behalf of governments, educational institutions and NGOs. We provide support in planning and programme management within the sector as well as training implementation in various areas through qualified experts. In general, human resources development is incorporated in the majority of of the technical assistance programmes we implement in our various areas of expertise.


Our experience includes:

Early, Primary, Secondary and Higher education
Vocational Education and Training (VET)
Education sector analysis, reform and management
Basic life skills


Sustainable Training and Education Programme (STEP II)
Ethiopia - 2019-2021
German society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

Mid-term evaluation of the Integrated Programme for Maternal and Child Health (PIMI II)
Guinea Bissau - 2019
EC - EuropeAid

Consultancy Services to Support Community Engagement and Awareness within the Zanzibar Urban Municipal Council
Tanzania - Zanzibar - 2018-2019
Ministry of Finance & Planning - Zanzibar

Technical assistance to the Government of Bonaire for the programming of the 11th EDF
Bonaire - 2018-2019
EC - EuropeAid

Assessment and prioritization of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) construction needs
Cambodia - 2018-2019
EC - EuropeAid


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