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Environment and Water resources


To deal effectively with problems related to Environment and Development it is essential to borrow from the cultural assets and from the knowledge accumulated in thousands of years by the whole mankind and not just from the cultural stock developed through any single historical experience. Furthermore several aspects are indispensable such as critical approach, imagination and vision. Particularly, the global use of modern and powerful technology, which took a high price to develop, should be inscribed in this framework.

Effective solutions are more likely to result from a system approach rather than from any assemblage of sectoral approaches.

It is not an easy task to work as a consulting firm with this approach: nevertheless we deem to meet such requirements.

Our main asset is the experience accumulated through decades of multidisciplinary and cross-cultural work and research in developing and developed countries and with international donor agencies.

Management of natural resources (Soil, Water and forestry)
National and regional environmental planning and capacity building
Environmental impact assessment



Construction Supervision for Detention Ponds, Bridge Reconstruction and Urgent Repairs
Ghana - 2021-2024
Ministry of Works and Housing (IDA)

Urban and Municipal Development Fund (UMDF): Sheger Riverside development project
Ethiopia - 2021
African Development Bank

Consultancy Services for Determining Environmental and Social Flow Requirements in Lilongwe River Catchment
Malawi - 2019-2021
Lilongwe Water Board - IDA

Preliminary design studies for the crossing of the Parc National Historique Citadelle Sans Souci Ramiers, Environmental and Social Impact Study of the St. Raphael / Barrière Battant road section and Heritage and Environmental Impact Study
Haiti - 2019-2021
National Authorising Officer of the European Development Fund in Haiti


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