Laura Bassini

Social Development/Community Engagement expert
With over fifteen years’ experience in the International Development Cooperation sector, Ms Bassini has been employed in many countries either in emergency response or in a development context: Chile, Guatemala, Mozambique, Angola and Tanzania. Her education background is in Economics for cultural sector, with a specialization in humanitarian action and management of International Cooperation organizations. She has extensive experience in design, coordination, administration and monitoring of International cooperation projects and programs in various sectors (education, culture, nutrition, food security, governance, water & sanitation and environment) and with different types of actors (NGOs, multilateral organizations, donors and government institutions). After more than seven years in Tanzania, Mrs. Bassini gained a deep knowledge of the context of the country and the local culture, implementing different project with community outreach and awareness components. She has been working in the last three years and half in the conservation of Stone Town Heritage in collaboration with Zanzibar local authorities and partners, with specific focus on community engagement and participation.