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Culture, Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Architecture, Governance, Education and Training, Cultural development, Economic and social development, Communication, Monitoring and evaluation, Urban Plannning, Infrastructure Engineering
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A.R.S. Progetti
Education and training
Economic and social development
Supervision Services for the Rehabilitation and Construction of Schools under Improving Secondary Education (ISEM) Programme - Malawi
Monitoring and evaluation
Cultural heritage
Cultural Heritage and Urban Development Project (CHUD):
Consultancy Services For Baalbek and Tyre Archeological Project - Lebanon
Technical Assistance to the Support Programme to the Strengthening of Culture and Art
for Social and Economic Development (ARCADES) - Haiti
Design and tender documents for a theatre hall and cultural centre - Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
Design and tender documents for an open amphitheater in Duhok - Iraqi Kurdistan
Urban Planning
Master Plans for 3 Sub Districts and a District Center, Ba'adre, Zawita, Bamarne and Shekhan,
in Duhok Governorate - Iraqi Kurdistan
Infrastructure engineering
Design of Structural Strengthening and rehabilitation of historic SiR Otto Beit Bridge on the
Zambesi river, border between Zambia and Zimbabwe


In several areas of Africa, when entering the territory of another tribe, one is required to bear a special "passport mask". This has a profound meaning: to neutralise one's roots and individuality as a sign of respect to those whose territory is being entered. In this there is an ancient wisdom, the sublimation of humanity's neutral essence. Quoting Aeschylus Agamemnon "Provided they respect the temples and the Gods of the vanquished, then shall the victors be saved".

ARS Progetti is a consulting firm working all over the world providing services, such as surveys, studies, design and technical assistance, mainly to public committers and for public interests, in fields related with governance and human development, culture and cultural heritage, social and physical infrastructure. Its overall mission is of a professional nature and consists in finding out, proposing and helping to implement solutions "which work", with reference to complex problems affecting extended social groups, regions, countries, groups of countries. Working on this ARS Progetti pursues the interest of its direct and "indirect" clients and project beneficiaries.


Public-Private Partnership on Cultural Heritage, Peru

Development of Concept for the Heritage Hub Regeneration in Areni Village and Adjacent Villages, Armenia

Detailed Design and Supervision of Marin Barleti Street and Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren, Kosovo

Re-thinking the Sudan National Museum exposition in view of modern achievements of museology, Sudan

Implementation of the Long-Term Water and Sanitation Strategy (ILTWSS), Lesotho

Consulting Services for Planning, Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Bidding Documents for Integrated Drainage and Resilient Urban Upgrading in Zanzibar Town

Sustainable Training and Education Programme (STEP II) - Ethiopia

Mid-Term Evaluation of "Strengthening Reconciliation Processes in Sri Lanka - FWC SIEA 2018 - LOT 3

Support the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEFA) and Central Finance and Contracting Unit (CFCU) to effectively programme and implement grant contracts –Albania - FWC SIEA 2018 - LOT 3

Compliance Review: Sector Reform Contract for Justice Reform (SRC JR) –Albania - FWC SIEA 2018 - LOT 3


Team Leader (cat. I, min. 60 working days)
Senior Evaluation Expert (Cat. I, min. 40 working days)
Junior Evaluation Expert (Cat. III, min 30 working days)

Rome Headquarters and Worldwide
Senior Conservation Architect
Rome Headquarters
Junior Conservation Architect
1. Expert (catégorie II) en questions de genre dans les politiques sectorielles et projets de développement (environ 40 jours)
2. Chef(fe) d'équipe (catégorie I) - Spécialiste des questions de genre dans les politiques sectorielles et projets de développement (environ 40 jours)
3. Expert (catégorie II) en communication (environ 25 jours)

Thematic expert on Political Economy Analysis in the anti-corruption domain
2 experts cat. I 37 and 25.5 working days
Home based
Key expert
South Africa
Gender Specialist- cat. II (approximately 400 w/d) and Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist - cat. II (approximately 400 w/d)
Key Expert in Local Governance and/or decentralization
Sri Lanka
1. Team Leader (approximately 24 m/m)
2. Procurement and Contract Management Expert (approximately 24 m/m)
3. Civil Engineer (approximately 24 m/m)
4. Capacity Building/Change management Expert (approximately 10 m/m)




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