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👉 Since its foundation in 1992, ARS Progetti has included women professionals in its team.



➡️ Currently, out of 51 staff members, 38 are women, representing 74.5% of the total.




On the other hand, of the eleven executive positions, seven are held by women, representing 63.4% of the total.



These positions are: 


🟠 Director of Culture and Cultural Heritage

🟠 Head of Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering

🟠 Director of the Latin America Office

🟠 Head of Housing and Urban Development Unit

🟠 Head of Programs and Representative of Mozambique Branch Office

🟠 Framework Unit Coordinator

🟠 Representative of Brussels Branch Office and Secretary of ARS4Progress









👉 The professional women working at ARS Progetti come from different countries and cultures, which adds extraordinary value to our work.


👉 The countries, from which the women working at ARS Progetti come from Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, are human rights lawyers, sociologists, political scientists, architects, economists, civil engineers, business administrators and specialists in gender and multiculturalism, among other professions.


👉 For ARS Progetti, the gender approach is understood as equal opportunities for men and women, and is a central element in the processes of human development and peace building.









The commitment of ARS Progetti regarding gender equality is further witnessed by the Gender Equality Management System Quality Certificate obtained in 2023. While this certificate represents a significant step, our commitment to gender equality remains an ongoing priority.




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