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Culture and Cultural Heritage



“Conserving people’s cultural diversity is the nurturing ground of ideas to interpret the present and build the future”


Throughout years of in-field experience, we have finely honed an internal know- how covering the conservation of cultural heritage as well as its connection with the living culture.  We see Culture as a chapter of the development theory and as a specific theme of development action.

Conservation of cultural heritage has been one of our main fields of activity. In particular ARS Progetti have developed and applied an integrated approach to conservation, which includes the areas of interpretation, recording and classification, conservation strictu sensu, presentation, exhibition, education and development of the economic and social potential.


We have successfully developed community involvement and public and private sector collaborative framework in various countries.

Our experience also includes projects for preservation, restoration and development of new forms of utilisation of the built heritage (buildings historic sites archaeological area).




Our experience in the area of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activities has brought us to deal with Cultural Tourism in various parts of the world. Tourism is seen as a driving development force which may generate employment and income from tangible and intangible heritage, in order to benefit local population, sustain conservation, enhance dialogue and mutual understanding.

Therefore, our experience developed in the area of “Responsible Tourism” meaning respect for other cultures, conservation of values, authenticity and originality.

The Department is staffed by tourism development experts, architects and economist and provide for planning and development, tender documents and works supervison of technical assistance in the following areas:



Cultural heritage conservation
Development of cultural and creative industry (arts and forms of expression)
Study of culture-based value systems and value change



Al‐Tahira Church Architectural Design
Iraq - 2021

Detailed Design and Supervision of Marin Barleti Street and Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren
Kosovo - 2020-2024
European Union Office in Kosovo

Architectural and Topographic Survey, Damage Assessment, Design and Tender Documentation for Aghawat Mosque in Mosul, Iraq
Iraq - 2020-2021

The Integrated Management Plan for Durrës Archaeological Areas “A” & “B”
Albania - 2020-2021
Albanian American Development Foundation


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