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Technical Assistance to the support the national Centre for human Rights

Governance, economic, social development

Area: medme
Country: Jordan
Period: 2016 - 2017
Client: EC - EuropeAid
Framework contract: Framework Contract: Framework BENEF 2013 - LOT7
Amount: € 277.292

The overall objective of this assignment is to provide Technical Assistance to NCHR and capacity building to the CSOs/CBOs. The specific objective is to assist the NCHR technically in best practices on CSO engagement and outreach and in the practical aspects of EU project management and financial procedures with regards to all activities to be implemented during the project's period, including supporting the Centre to launch one or several calls for proposals for CSOs/CBOs.

The purpose of this contract is to assist the National Centre for Human Rights in:

  • Supporting vulnerable CSOs with easier access to funding and on-going capacity building;
  • Supporting the NCHR in the development of outreach and engagement tools with civil society organizations and specifically with Community Based Organizations in all governorates of Jordan;
  • Preparation of the Programme Estimates;
  • Preparation and launching of calls for proposals (guidelines, evaluation committees, selection process, etc.);
  • Day to day management of the civil society mechanism (administrative preparatory tasks related to planning activities, procurement, grants and financial management, etc.);
  • Monitoring of project implementation;
  • Reporting preparation;
  • Communication and visibility, dialogue with other related programmes.


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