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A.R.S. Progetti
Education and training
Economic and social development
Supervision Services for the Rehabilitation and Construction of Schools under Improving Secondary Education (ISEM) Programme - Malawi
Monitoring and evaluation
Cultural heritage
Cultural Heritage and Urban Development Project (CHUD):
Consultancy Services For Baalbek and Tyre Archeological Project - Lebanon
Technical Assistance to the Support Programme to the Strengthening of Culture and Art
for Social and Economic Development (ARCADES) - Haiti
Design and tender documents for a theatre hall and cultural centre - Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
Design and tender documents for an open amphitheater in Duhok - Iraqi Kurdistan
Urban Planning
Master Plans for 3 Sub Districts and a District Center, Ba'adre, Zawita, Bamarne and Shekhan,
in Duhok Governorate - Iraqi Kurdistan
Infrastructure engineering
Design of Structural Strengthening and rehabilitation of historic SiR Otto Beit Bridge on the
Zambesi river, border between Zambia and Zimbabwe


In several areas of Africa, when entering the territory of another tribe, one is required to bear a special "passport mask". This has a profound meaning: to neutralise one's roots and individuality as a sign of respect to those whose territory is being entered. In this there is an ancient wisdom, the sublimation of humanity's neutral essence. Quoting Aeschylus Agamemnon "Provided they respect the temples and the Gods of the vanquished, then shall the victors be saved".

ARS Progetti is a consulting firm working all over the world providing services, such as surveys, studies, design and technical assistance, mainly to public committers and for public interests, in fields related with governance and human development, culture and cultural heritage, social and physical infrastructure. Its overall mission is of a professional nature and consists in finding out, proposing and helping to implement solutions "which work", with reference to complex problems affecting extended social groups, regions, countries, groups of countries. Working on this ARS Progetti pursues the interest of its direct and "indirect" clients and project beneficiaries.


Seminario di approfondimento su "Europrogettazione e Fund Raising"

Assessment and prioritization of MoEYS construction needs, Cambodia - FWC SIEA 2018 LOT 4

Technical assistance to the Government of Bonaire for the programming of the 11th EDF, Bonaire - FWC SIEA 2018 LOT 4

Evaluation of the “Programa de Apoio aos Actores Não Estatais (phase1)”, Mozambique - FWC SIEA 2018 LOT 3

Final Evaluation of the Electoral Support Programme, Nepal - FWC SIEA 2018 LOT 3

Regional Development and Protection Programme in Ethiopia - FWC SIEA 2018 LOT 3

Successfully awarded the new FWC SIEA 2018

Renforcement de la culture de la protection des données à caractère personnel au Maroc - LOT 7

Maroc - Appui sectoriel a la réalisation d'etudes d'ecart et/ou d'impact: sécurité routière, aviation civile, eau - LOT 2

Elaboration de schémas directeurs d'assainissement et de gestion des déchets dans la Ville d'Owando, République du Congo - LOT 2


homebased, with mission
Category I > ACP-Diaspora Expert (development and social sciences)
1 Team Leader - cat. I (35 w/d)
2 Key Experts - cat. II (60 w/d in total)

1 Team Leader Category I: Programme management and Capacity Building
1 Key Expert II Category II: Expert Institutional Building Coordinator
1 Key Expert III Category II: Expert on communication and visibility

Experts profile
1. Expert I: IBM high level expert border management: 60 WDS
2. Expert II: IBM high level expert customs 60 WDS
3. Expert III: Mid-level expert to support experts 1 and 2 above 60 WDS
4. Expert IV: Mid-level expert with research function regarding Ukrainian IBM practices 100 WDs

1) Team Leader: Technical Assistance Facility (Category I); 2) Expert2: Organisation and institutional development Expert (Category I); 3) Expert3: Social Protection Systems Expert (Category I); 4) Expert4: Safety Nets Coordination Facilitator (Category II); 5) Non-Key Experts.
homebased, with field visits
1 Team Leader - cat. I (40 w/d)
2 Key Experts - cat. II (70 w/d in total)

Cat I - grant/Fundraising expert
Rome, Italy; and missions abroad
Assistant Project Manager
République du Tchad
1) Assistant Technique principal 1 (ATP1) - Expert Senior, Chef d'équipe, spécialiste en politique institutionnelle et développement des outils de la conservation – 48 mois
2) Assistant Technique principal 2 (ATP2) : spécialiste en intégration intersectorielle et développement territorial – 48 mois

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Works Supervision – Conservation Architect




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