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Research, Network and Support Facility 2015-2018 (RNSF): Support to enhance livelihoods for people dependent on informal economy and improve social inclusion of marginalised and vulnerable persons

Governance, economic, social development

Country: Worldwide
Period: 2015-2018
Client: EC-EuropeAid
Amount: € 1.690.000

The overall objective of the project of which this assignment is a part is to contribute to livelihoods enhancement, equity and inclusion of people dependent on the informal economy by improving the quality and coherence of EU actions on this area, including above mentioned Call for Proposals (CFP). This project has two complementary purposes. I. The first purpose is to develop a corpus of research on innovative approaches to livelihood enhancement, equity and inclusion of people dependent on the informal economy, including through analysis and evidence based information from literature, the projects selected through the call for proposals, as well as other relevant projects and initiatives II. The second purpose is to make use of the outputs of the research on projects selected through the call for proposals and projects related to the same issue from "the gender" call for proposals in order to provide them with a support facility that will: - enable information sharing that is reliable, transparent, comparable and useful; - facilitate networking between projects stakeholders that inter alia permits the sharing of lessons learnt and best practices; - conduct analysis and coordination of outputs and outcomes from projects financed by the thematic programme, taking also into account other relevant EU initiatives in the framework of bilateral, regional and thematic development cooperation. High quality research on informal economy projects - To improve the knowledge base of policies and programmes facilitating livelihoods, enhancement, equity and inclusion of people dependent on the informal economy, through innovative applied research and the identification of best practices. - To engage in high level discussion and coordination with other donors and partners to improve knowledge and understanding of approaches leading to the enhancement of livelihoods and inclusion of people dependent on the informal economy. - To draw lessons learnt and formulating recommendations for future actions to be supported though EU (and eventually other donors) development cooperation. Support Facility for CFP projects - To design and develop a customised analytical method and related tools, including questionnaires, monitoring tools, quality standards and performance indicator schemes in order to monitor and evaluate the outputs and outcomes of the CFP projects, in line with the objectives of the DCI 2014-2020. - To elaborate management information tool of CFP projects with quantitative and qualitative information. - To establish a strategy of knowledge/good practice sharing and networking between the stakeholders of the CFP projects. - To establish a network of stakeholders from the CFP projects. - To provide recommendations and inputs for a technical framework, guidance and assistance to CFP projects on the establishment of project ex ante base line surveys in order to define projects outputs and outcomes of the actions and to assess progress at project and programme level - To define and verify indicators/baseline values. - To provide background information and other tools for EU cooperation on the best approach to support partner governments and CSOs to enhance livelihoods of people dependent on the informal economy.

As part of the project, a five-day workshop on Social Protection from the Perspective of Informal Economy was organised on 6-10 February 2017 in Naivasha, Kenya. The aim of the workshop was to answer the question: "How could we use social protection mechanisms as a tool for promoting social inclusion of people dependent on the informal economy?". The workshop produced a book that is available here.


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