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Preparation of Tourism Development Masterplan for the Muscat Governorate

Culture, cultural heritage, tourism

Area: medme
Country: Sultanate of Oman
Period: 03/2018 - 12/2018
Client: Ministry of Tourism
Amount: USD 658.000

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The government of the Sultanate provides full support to the tourism sector to become an important part of the national economy. The goals include strengthening the role of the government as a promoter and regulator in order to encourage local communities to participate in tourism activities, and to foster a positive role for the private sector based on clear and well defined principles and criteria that are set in a long-term strategy conforming to the Omani Vision for tourism and the Sultanate strategy for the national economy, particularly in relation to the diversification of income sources.

The Ministry of Tourism has recently launched a National Tourism Strategy that mainly aims to highlight Oman as a world-class destination of distinct hospitality and memorable experiences and attractions. The Strategy offers a long-range framework that specifies strategic tourism development actions up to 2040, including substantial infrastructure development and investment programs, to provide a solid base upon which to optimize the value of its natural, cultural and built attractions and experiences. Within the framework of the Tourism Strategy, this project aims to formulate a comprehensive Tourism Development Master Plan covering the following:

  • Analysis of Resources, Present Conditions and Development Potential based on comprehensive reviews of available studies, field investigations and interactions with local communities and authorities;
  • Assessment and establishment of the suitability of the lands and sites already assigned to the Ministry of Tourism for Tourism Development within the overall formulated Master Plan, and priority areas and projects;
  • Development of highly attractive tourist destinations on Sustainable Development principles while maintaining the highest consideration to environmental aspects as well as social and cultural considerations;
  • Analysis of the impact of implementation of the formulated Tourism Development Master Plans on the local environment and communities including the preparation of preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessments for Priority Projects;
  • Development of a broad spectrum of Tourist Products that respond to both domestic and international targeted markets in coordination with OTS (Oman Tourism Strategy) outputs, with due consideration to the needs and cultural values of the local communities;
  • Identification of Priority Development Areas and Projects, and Phasing of Implementation;
  • Preparation of estimates of Development Targets expected to be achieved in relation to the main tourism indicators including number of local and international visitors, expenditure levels, length of stay, and employment opportunities for the local work force in coordination with OTS outputs,
  • Preparation of plans for the enhancement of local capacities and capabilities including programs for building a highly competent labor force, and for encouraging the involvement of local communities in the tourism development process;
  • Formulation of "Tourism Development Urban Codes and Guidelines" for the priority areas and projects;
  • Preparation of guidelines for the marketing and promotion of the priority areas and projects;
  • Identification of Financial requirements, sources, and cost-recovery mechanisms.

The assignment is carried out in Four Stages:

Stage 1: Vision and Development Strategy

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Tourism development vision
  • Tourism development strategy

Stage 2: Tourism Development Planning

  • Preliminary tourism development master plans
  • Phasing and prioritization of tourism development sites
  • Estimation of demand for facilities and infrastructure

Stage 3: Investment and Implementation

  • Investment Plans and Economic Impacts
  • Management and Institutional Aspects
  • Implementation Strategy and Phases

Stage 4: Investment Promotion

  • Final Tourism Development Master Plans
  • Investment Promotion Brochures

The final outputs include reports, master plan, 3D models and animations, investment promotion brochure.


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