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Design and Supervision of Beautification and General Improvement of three Historical, Natural and Cultural objects in the Khatlon Region of Tajikistan

Heritage management
Cultural Tourism

Area: Central Asia and Caucasus
Country: Tajikistan
Period: 2020-2023
Client: International Development Association (IDA)
Amount: $ 525 765

The project is structured according to four components, organized based on the types of interventions and beneficiaries:

  1. Component 1 focuses on improving public infrastructure for the development of agribusiness and tourism.
  2. Component 2 supports micro small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) and entrepreneurs in agribusiness, community-based tourism, and related sectors through matching grants.
  3. Component 3 focuses on strengthening skills, entrepreneurship, and business development services to enable potential beneficiaries to gain fully from the grant programs under Components 1 and 2.
  4. Component 4 provides project coordination and implementation as well as grant management and administration.

Component 1 includes investments in three selected natural and historical sites in Khatlon, including Chiluchor Chashma (44 Springs), Hulbuk Fortress and Khoja Mashhad Madrassa.  These three sites are already part of touristic itineraries that travel through this part of the country. However, their poor site conditions reduce their attractiveness for tourists, while the potential of the sites to generate economic opportunities for the local population is constrained by the lack of commercial activities in and around the sites. The project finances landscape architecture and other general improvements to the sites aimed at preserving their historical value while facilitating the development of local economic opportunities related to tourism. The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Prepare sustainable management and revalorization plans of the three sites. For each site, to prepare a detailed plan that includes a long-term strategy for sustainable revalorization of the site and defines the key areas for cultural heritage management.
  • Prepare report of design concept options. In line with the management and revalorization plan, to prepare at least two design concept options for the beautification, landscape architecture and other general improvement to each site.
  • Preparation of design and construction documentation; to prepare the design and construction documentation for each site.
  • Handover to the construction firms that will carry out the renovation works. To provide technical input for the preparation of bidding packages to implement the required construction works, provide technical inputs in the evaluation and selection of the construction firm, and handover the design and construction documentation to the hired construction firms
  • Supervision of the renovation works. To carry out monthly onsite visits to supervise the work to ensure that the renovation works are aligned with the design documentation and carried out in the desired quality



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