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The Integrated Management Plan for Durrës Archaeological Areas “A” & “B”

Conservation Architecture
Conservation of historic cities and centers
Heritage management

Area: Western Balkans
Country: Albania
Period: 2020-2021
Client: Albanian American Development Foundation
Amount: € 127 650

The Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) invited proposals for the preparation of an Integrated Management Plan (IMP) for the City of Durrës Archaeological Areas A & B, including extant monuments, known and unknown below ground archaeological assets, a museum and artefacts. The purpose of the IMP is to provide an implementable strategy to protect the above and belowground cultural heritage of the city in balance with the modern-day development of the city.

The overall aim of the Integrated Management Plan is to improve support for the protection and care of cultural heritage in the city Durrës and make it more visible to the local public and visitors and support local economic development.

The IMP has three specific but integrated components and be linked to a stand-alone Business Plan:

1. Integration component. The IMP is foreseen to be integrated with a number of existing plans and platforms operational at city level to ensure a seamless implementation of the action plan.

2. Management plan component. The IMP is based on a good understanding of baseline data and stakeholder concerns, includes clear objectives and linked strategies that will also support the prioritization of specific actions and projects. Working with and integrating existing GIS platforms, areas of potential archaeological significance are mapped in ways that can inform future development strategies in these areas, and in collaboration with the Municipality of Durrës to inform the urban development plans and policies.

The IMP establishes priority sites for development, make relevant recommendations for new museum/research facilities and advise on the boundaries of areas A and B. As a priority it establishes a road map for the nomination of Durrës Amphitheatre as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Conservation projects Terms of Rerefence. To complete full project descriptions for conservation and presentation works and Terms of Reference for professional teams to be appointed. These project descriptions are for all the monuments in Areas A and B that can be visited, with an emphasis on the Amphitheatre.

The Business Plan has three parts:

  1. A cost analysis for each of the conservation projects, including recommendations on funding sources.
  2. A costed business plan for the delivery of the action plan of the IMP (7 years), including recommendations on funding sources.
  3. An options appraisal and recommendation for a management structure to implement the IMP and management of the site in line with the 2018 Law of Cultural Heritage and Museums.


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