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Detailed Design and Supervision of Marin Barleti Street and Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren

Conservation Architecture
Conservation of historic cities and centers
Heritage management

Area: Western Balkans
Country: Kosovo
Period: 2020-2024
Client: European Union Office in Kosovo
Amount: € 320.250

The Marin Barleti Street is located inside the Historic Center of Prizren, designated to a protection status under the Law on Cultural Heritage, and protected by the Law on Historic Center of Prizren. The Marin Barleti street suffers from lack of maintenance and inadequate interventions, which jeopardize the street’s historic character.

The initiative for revitalization and socio-economic integration of local community in Marin Barleti street in Prizren is a result of long-term efforts of many involved parties to ensure protection and development of Historic Center of Prizren, aiming to address and fulfil shared objectives of empowering local community in Prizren as an efficient means for long-lasting peace, increased wellbeing, protection of living environment and enhancing opportunities for sustainable development.

Lumbardhi Cinema is a heritage site and former cinema, established in the mid-20th century in Prizren. After 50 years of activity as the most visited public space in the city, it was left without a management and fell into decay following 1999.

This assignment concerns the support to relevant institution on preparation of technical documentation for the revitalization works of the houses and infrastructure in Marin Barleti street and Lumbardhi cinema. In particular, the project is in full compliance and supports the fulfilment of the objectives set by National Cultural Heritage Strategy and implementation of particular actions set its Action Plan.

The overall objective of this assignment is the development of sustainable heritage tourism in line with EU practices and policies and the development of appropriate infrastructure for boosting the heritage-lead tourism industry.

The specific purpose is preparation of detailed design and unit price works tender dossier and provision of the complete supervision as set out in PRAG conditions and rules of the works, for the reconstruction works in Marin Barleti Street and Lumbardhi cinema.


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