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Third Party Monitoring of the Lebanon Social Protection Projects for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese population

Governance, Justice & Human rights, Social & Economic Development
Evaluation and Monitoring

Area: Mediterranean and Middle East
Country: Lebanon
Period: 2022 - 2024
Client: Delegation of European Union to Lebanon
Amount: €431 167

The global objective of Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) is to strengthen the project monitoring process of EU and its implementing partners under the European Regional Trust Fund (EUTF) social protection projects, identify challenges and evaluate the impact of this crisis response programs on beneficiaries. TPM aims at sharing field analysis and experiences to assist EUTF implementation partners to provide line ministries and relevant stakeholders with better means for learning from the field experience, improving service delivery through Social Development Centers (SDCs), planning and allocating resources, and verifying and validating results. The TPM carries out field monitoring visits to assess the progress and quality of EU investment in social protection through the 3 selected EUTF projects supported to enhance monitoring and reporting and support implementing entities for better results.

The Actions to be monitored are the following social protection programs for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese population approved under the European Regional Trust Fund (EUTP) in Response to the Syrian Crisis:

  1. Advancing Child Protection and Gender-Based Violence system strengthening, 18M€, 12/19-12/21. The program contributes to the improvement of the lives of children and victims of Gender-based Violence living in Lebanon through the continuation of preventative and remedial protection activities under the National Plan to Safeguard Children and Women in Lebanon in 2019-2020, while, at the same time reinforcing and rendering the existing protection system more sustainable.
  2. Integrated Social Services Provision to Lebanese and Syrian refugees’ communities in Lebanon, 4.5M€, 01/21-06/23. The specific objective is to improve the wellbeing of the Syrian refugees and vulnerable local communities with a particular attention to children and women. The proposed action will ensure provision of good quality social services delivery to Syrian refugees and vulnerable hosting community through empowering the civil society actors’ partners of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Social Development Centers of the Ministry of Social Affairs for quality social services provision.
  3. Social Services and Protection (men included) Resilience for refugees, IDPs, returnees and host communities in response to the protracted Syrian and Iraqi crises” (REGIONAL Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq), Total 55.5M€ (13M for Lebanon part), 09/19 – 09/22. The specific objective is to strengthen local and national protection systems and service delivery capacities to specialized services and refugees to receive specialized treatment in the area of Psychological Support Services to a minimum of 12 SDCs.


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