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Consultancy Services to Support Community Engagement and Awareness within the Zanzibar Urban Municipal Council

Governance, Justice & Human rights, Social & Economic Development
Education and training
Infrastructure engineering
Environment and Water resources

Area: Subsaharan Africa
Country: Tanzania - Zanzibar
Period: 2018-2019
Client: Ministry of Finance & Planning - Zanzibar
Amount: $ 299,985

The Zanzibar Urban Services Project (ZUSP) originally became effective in mid-2011 with an expected duration of five years. The Project was designed to deliver the provision of basic infrastructure services (drainage, solid waste management, street lighting, and sea wall construction), institutional strengthening and cultural heritage preservation.

ZUSP’s project development objective is to improve access to urban services in Zanzibar and conserve the physical cultural heritage at one public location within Stone Town. ZUSP has three components: (i) institutional strengthening and infrastructure development for Zanzibar Urban Municipal Council (ZUMC), (ii) support to three Town Councils in Pemba Island, and (iii) project management.

The specific project activities being implemented include: (i) rehabilitation of 340m of the Mizingani sea wall in the historic Stone Town area, a UNESCO World Heritage site, (ii) improvements to and expansion of 19.6km of drainage in the town centre and peri-urban areas, (iii) 11 km of street lighting, (iv) rehabilitation of the historic ZUMC office building, (v) solid waste collection points and vehicles, (vi) footpaths and rehabilitation of key structures in Pemba (market, abattoir, municipal offices).

The mission supports the Project Management Team and Zanzibar Urban Municipal Council (ZUMC) in scaling up its visibility and community interaction by providing the following services:

  1. Increasing visibility of the Project activities through branding, web development, video content (e.g. short documentary films), and other creative initiatives,
  2. Designing and implementing public out-reach and behavior change campaigns related to solid waste, sanitation, and tax collection, and drainage;
  3. Designing a community outreach strategy and operational framework, which will use, update, and train staff on participatory tools already developed for the ZUMC through ZUSP,
  4. Conducting follow-up citywide citizen perception surveys.


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