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Urban and Municipal Development Fund (UMDF): Sheger Riverside development project


Area: Subsaharan Africa
Country: Ethiopia
Period: 2021
Client: African Development Bank
Amount: $ 294 090

Addis Ababa has a number of relatively small, but very significant, rivers running through it, with the Kebena River and its tributaries being most important as they run through the centre of the city and the most densely settled areas. These rivers are highly polluted and subject to flooding, causing severe environmental and health problems.

This was recognised by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia who, in 2018, announced the launch of the Sheger Riverside Development Project with a commitment to developing the rivers and riversides urgently.

The overall objective of the Sheger macro-project is to substantially improve the economy and living environment of Addis Ababa through establishing new green spaces, improving river water quality, upgrading infrastructure and housing, and creating new economic opportunities along the riverside.

The specific objective of this planning project is to prepare an Investment and Infrastructure Plan which shows, firstly, the infrastructure required along the riverside, secondly, the capital investments required to develop the full 56km of the riverside and, thirdly, demonstrates the financial sustainability of the project. The plan relates to the 56 km of the Kebena River and its tributaries. It includes the work in the defined buffer zone but also linkages to the city-scale infrastructure. This includes all infrastructure, river channel modifications and development of public spaces and private property along the riverside.

The infrastructure plan identifies, sizes and locates all major components of riverside infrastructure. The investment plan includes proposals for how infrastructure and urban development projects should be packaged in order to suit the financing arrangements and arrangements for long term sustainability. The financial analysis takes all capital and operating costs into consideration and balance costs with sufficient capital financing and recurrent revenue.


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