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Consulting Services for Planning, Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Bidding Documents for Integrated Drainage and Resilient Urban Upgrading in Zanzibar Town


Area: Subsaharan Africa
Country: Tanzania - Zanzibar
Period: 2019 - 2020
Client: Ministry of Finance & Planning - Zanzibar - World Bank
Amount: € 1,004,387

Flooding is a recurring problem in many urban parts of Zanzibar Town. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ) asked for consultancy services in order to prepare a feasibility study, detailed engineering designs, environmental and social due diligence, and bidding documents to reduce flooding and upgrade communities in three drainage catchments in the Zanzibar Urban Municipal Council.

The urban sector project funded by the World Bank, i.e. Zanzibar Urban Services Project (ZUSP) is implementing flood alleviation measures with considerable progress made to date in the construction of drainage channels.

The global objective of the present assignment is to reduce flooding, expand basic service delivery, and improve living conditions in Zanzibar Town through integrated urban upgrading and storm-water management in priority drainage areas.

This assignment aims at delivering:

  1. Updated flood analysis, hydrology and hydrological studies for Zanzibar Town,
  2. Feasibility study for drainage and upgrading interventions based on comprehensive urban planning,
  3. Detailed area urban upgrading plans combining priority drainage and ‘livability’ upgrading interventions in seven drainage systems within the Urban West Region,
  4. Detailed urban architectural and engineering designs, design guidelines, bidding documents, operations and maintenance plans, and environmental and social due diligence for proposed investments
  5. Provide training and learning opportunities to the client for managing implementation of upgrading areas to ensure sustainability of investments.

The assignment is intended to be an international good practice example of building resilience of communities and improving quality of life through an integrated, participatory approach to urban development.


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