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Technical Assistance For EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology And Cultural Heritage Institute

Heritage management

Area: Mediterranean and Middle East
Country: Turkey
Period: 2019-2021
Client: Central Finance & Contracts Unit
Amount: € 4 750 500

This project constitutes the service component of the “EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Institute Project” that is one of the projects included in 2014 Annual Action Programme for Turkey under IPA II. It is composed of 4 components, including service, supply, works and supervision. It will contribute to the creation of an enabling and robust environment for the establishment and operationalization of the EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology Institute. The Institute aims to:

  • Support and encourage scientific studies excavations and academic projects), in the fields of archaeology and common cultural heritage;
  • Raise awareness regarding assets of common cultural heritage domestically and internationally;
  • Devise solutions for the challenges faced by academics and experts working in the field;
  • Collect and store data and documentation that could contribute to the formation of an archive of common cultural heritage;
  • Provide a working environment for researchers working in the field of cultural heritage and facilitate the identification of scholarships for them.

The overall objective of the programme of which this project is a part is to improve intercultural dialogue between Turkey and the EU through protecting and promotion of common cultural heritage and strengthening civil society dialogue on common cultural heritage. The purpose of this project is to provide accessibility to the Ancient Anatolian Civilizations' archaeological and historical heritage works by collecting, preserving and promoting the shared values and common cultural heritage of EU and Turkey by means of collaborative activities. Results to be achieved:

  1. The EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology Institute is operationalised, including its library and laboratory.
  2. The Institute has a digital network to share the findings from excavations and other related findings and is involved in different international networks.
  3. The Institute is visible in the international and domestic forums/platforms.
  4. Archaeological tour routes are prepared
  5. Knowledge and expertise of the target groups is enhanced with international experience through the internship programmes.
  6. Capacity of the Institute and collaboration with the Civil Society Organisations are enhanced.
  7. An exit strategy is prepared for the EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology Institute, rendering it robust and sustainable.



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