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Review and Evaluation of the Water Sector Programme

Evaluation and Monitoring

Area: Mediterranean and Middle East
Country: Egypt
Period: 2016-2017
Client: EC - EuropeAid, European Union - Delegation to Egypt
Framework contract: Framework BENEF 2013 - LOT2 “Transport and Infrastructures”
Amount: € 149.737

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate and assess whether Integrated Water Resources Management concept is applied, and to which extent through different MWRI administrative entities, Integrated Irrigation Districts, different hydrological levels of canals (from Main Canals up to mesqa level), and water users associations; to assess current situation of these entities and organizations and analyze the contribution of EU support in the implementation of IWRM concept. Furthermore, to identify the lessons learned from the application of IWRM and the performance of these organizations in this context.

The specific objectives of the assignment are:

  • To evaluate the IWRM concept an overall independent assessment of the past performance of the IWRM, Impact of EU (and other IFI’s) supported initiatives on the implementation of IWRM, paying particularly attention to the results of the concept implementation against its objectives; key lessons and recommendations in order to improve current and future action.
  • Perform a comprehensive comparison between the situation in the presence of water users' organizations and the situation in the absence of these organizations with extraction results and lessons learned.
  • Submit a full work proposal to modify the path of applying IWRM in light of the ministry's strategy towards the principle of integrated water resources management.
  • Prepare executive timetable for the proposed amendment in the ministry's path of applying IWRM proposed.

Propose a concise strategic vision to ensure added value of the European Union’s interventions (at both the strategic and Implementation levels) in the field of IWRM.


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