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Shaping the EU's Engagement with Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities in Pakistan

Governance, Justice & Human rights, Social & Economic Development

Area: Mediterranean and Middle East
Country: Pakistan
Period: 2015
Client: EC - EuropeAid
Framework contract: Framework Contract Beneficiaires 2013, “LOT 7: Human Rights, Civil Society, Governance, Justice And Home Affairs
Amount: € 19.750

The overall objective of this assignment is therefore to help shape the EU's engagement with CSOs and LAs in the upcoming years. The specific objective is to assist the EU Delegation in shaping its engagement strategy with CSOs and LAs in Pakistan. The mission produced draft Guidelines for the CSO-LA Call for Proposals Annual Action Programme 2015, taking into account the lessons learned, best practices and challenges experienced by NSA-LA grant recipients in meaningfully involving Local Authorities in their projects. The mission identified a set of interventions - and corresponding Terms of Reference - which the EU Delegation may carry out to enhance Local Authorities' awareness of the upcoming Call and their ability to submit quality project proposals in response to it. The assignment further assisted the Delegation and EU Member States in finalising the EU Country Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society in Pakistan. Outputs: - Completed assessment of the involvement of local authorities in ongoing NSA-LA projects, with identified best practices, main challenges and lessons learned. - Completed draft Guidelines for the CSO-LA Call for Proposals AAP 2015, taking into consideration the CSO-LA Concept Note, the involvement of local authorities in current NSA-LA projects, and input from external discussions, specifically on supporting Local Authorities in Pakistan. - Identified actions to be carried out by the EUD in order to increase awareness of Local Authorities in Pakistan regarding the upcoming Call for Proposals AAP 2015, and in order to build LA's capacities to respond to the Call; completed draft Terms of Reference which the EUD can use to hire a party to carry out these actions. - Assisted the Delegation and EU Member States in the finalisation of the first EU Country Roadmap for Engagement with Civil Society in Pakistan.


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Framework Contract “Human Rights, Democratisation, Institutional Strengthening

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