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Preparation of Tender Documentation for Works Contract, Supply Contract and Supervision Contract - IPA 2014

Governance, Justice & Human rights, Social & Economic Development
Infrastructure engineering

Area: Western Balkans
Country: Serbia
Period: 2014 - 2016
Client: EC - EuropeAid
Framework contract: Framework Contract Beneficiaires 2013, “LOT 7: Human Rights, Civil Society, Governance, Justice And Home Affairs
Amount: € 240.980

The overall objective of the project is to improve capacities for training, education and employment of the convicted persons and investment in the sustainability of the humane living conditions in prisons. The specific objective is to provide technical assistance to the beneficiary for following actions: 1. Review of existing project documentation (Technical Specifications, Bill of Quantity and Design Drawings), preparation of the full tender dossier for the execution of works, in order to procure a works contractor via local open tender procedure. 2. Technical assistance to the beneficiary at the tender clarifications stage and during the tenders' evaluation for the works contract. 3. Preparation of the ToR's for the service (supervision) contract. 4. Preparation of the Technical Specification and full tender dossier for the supply contract with lots. 5. Technical assistance to the beneficiary at the tender clarifications stage and during the tenders' evaluation for supply contract. Task 1: Review of existing documentation and Technical Assistance for preparation and finalization of tender documentation. Based on the documentation and scope of works the technical assistants prepare the 5 Volumes of Tender Dossier for works according to PRAG rules. In particular they prepare also the technical input needed to finalise the technical evaluation grids and provide recommendations for the Special Conditions of the contract, including quality check of the Contract Notice. Task 2: Verification of budget estimate. Based on the review and the final specifications the technical assistants examine that the budget available from EU funds is likely to be sufficient to meet the requirements or whether additional funding could possibly be required, including a report indicating the pro and cons for the chosen Bill of Quantity setup. Task 3: Technical inputs during tender clarification phase and evaluation for works contract and supply contract. Task 4: Drafting the ToR's for the service contract (supervision of the works). To draft the Terms of Reference of the supervision for the works contract in charge of supervising the implementation of the works contract. Besides the supervision, this ToR contains the assistance for the provisional acceptance activities to be done for the supply contract linked to the project and includes the evaluation grid. Task 5: Technical Assistance for preparation of the Technical Specification and full tender dossier for the supply contract.


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