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Final Evaluation of the Governance Support Programme in Algeria (SPRING)

Governance, Justice & Human rights, Social & Economic Development
Evaluation and Monitoring

Area: Mediterranean and Middle East
Country: Algeria
Period: 2019
Client: EC - EuropeAid
Framework contract: FWC SIEA - LOT 3: Human Rights, Democracy and Peace
Amount: € 78.550

Launched in 2014, the SPRING programme (Support for Partnership, Reforms and Inclusive Growth) aimed to support the countries of the Mediterranean neighborhood, including Algeria, in improving economic and political governance and consolidating the rule of law.

The agreement on the financing of the SPRING programme to support political and economic governance in Algeria was signed between the Algerian government and the European Commission on 19 December 2013.

The general objective of the programme is to contribute to more participatory and inclusive democratic governance in Algeria. The programme has three components: (1) political governance, (2) economic governance, (3) communication-media-transparency.

A. Political governance component :

  1. Fight against corruption, the specific objective being to consolidate the institutions specialized in the fight against corruption in the broad sense of the term;
  2. Strengthening democratic governance through support for the administration of the National People's Assembly and parliamentarians, particularly elected women, with the specific objective of improving the performance of the administration of the National People's Assembly and parliamentarians;
  3. Access to law and justice, the specific objectives being to bring the public service of justice closer to the population and to improve the performance of lawyers.

B. Economic governance component :

  1. Strengthening of public financial management monitoring systems, the specific objective being to strengthen the capacities of institutions, experts and media outside the executive branch associated in various capacities with public financial management and monitoring systems;
  2. Development and evaluation of public sector economic and social policies, with the specific objective of improving the targeting of fiscal policy and broadening the debate on the nation's broad economic and social policies;
  3. Promotion of social responsibility in the public and private sector, with the specific objective of ensuring that organizations, both public and private, take better account of their social responsibility, with particular attention to women, young people and vulnerable groups.

C. Communication-media-transparency component :

  1. Professionalization of the media;
  2. Quality of the information provided by the media in the political and economic field;
  3. Accessibility of information on the functions and activities of the public bodies that are partners in this programme.

The overall objective of this project is the evaluation of the activities implemented under the SPRING programme.


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