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Study on the establishment of the Centre for Caribbean Diaspora Engagement (CCDE)

Governance, Justice & Human rights, Social & Economic Development

Area: World Wide
Country: ACP Countries
Period: 2019
Client: European Commission
Framework contract: FWC SIEA - LOT 3: Human Rights, Democracy and Peace
Amount: € 61 671

The African and Caribbean Diaspora have an important role in the extension of the homeland, such reality is a strategic resource for a social and development change; diasporas contribute to the development as development collective actors, business entrepreneurs and skilled professionals.

The establishment of the Centre for Caribbean Diaspora Engagement (CCDE) and its affiliate institution at the University of Liberia would strategically harness and facilitate two-way exchanges and engagements between the Caribbean/Africa and their Diasporas. The focus of the CCDE is on Diaspora Groups’ engagement for sustainable development. The overarching objective of the CCDE and its affiliate in Africa is to deepen and enhance the institutional framework within which Caribbean and African countries and key stakeholders relate to Diasporas and the diasporic community.

The objectives of the CCDE will also support and promote the EC’s crosscutting objectives to (a) safeguard the environment and pro-actively address the challenges of Climate Change; (b) uphold a rights-based approach, and (c) promote gender equality, the interests of persons with disability, and indigenous peoples.

The specific objectives of the CCDE, to be established at The University of Guyana, with a collaborative affiliate at the University of Liberia is:

  • a means of providing the framework and platform for transfer of skills and knowledge sharing between the diaspora and home communities and institutions in Guyana, The Caribbean, and Africa (Liberia focus);
  • To provide a centralized platform for Guyanese, Caribbean, and African peoples, organizations, and universities to interface with the Caribbean and African diaspora and diaspora organizations around the world to coordinate their efforts as a means towards establishing systems for seamless brain gain relationships to meet the development challenges posed by decades of brain drain;
  • To leverage the collective intellectual resources in the Caribbean and African Diasporas to influence regional policy on sustainable development;
  • To encourage and facilitate increased sharing of knowledge of individual experts and institutional expertise in the diaspora with public and private sectors organizations as well as with civil society.


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