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Follow-up Mission for the "Succeeding Advanced Status" Program

Governance, Justice & Human rights, Social & Economic Development

Area: Mediterranean and Middle East
Country: Morocco
Period: 2017-2019
Client: EC - EuropeAid
Framework contract: FWC BENEF 2013 - LOT 7: Governance and Home Affairs
Amount: € 133.056

Morocco and the EU have devised a multi-dimensional "Plan of Action for the Implementation of the Advanced Status", which is the roadmap for bilateral cooperation for 2013-2017. The Action Plan was adopted in December 2013.

In order to contribute to the strengthening and deepening of the partnership between the European Union and Morocco, a series of priority sectors and activities have been jointly identified and supported in the framework of the multisectoral program called "Succeed the "Advanced Status", RSA (amounting to approximately 190 million euro). The program aims, in particular, to support the process of Moroccan regulatory convergence towards the Acquis of the Union through a budget support component and a supplementary assistance component for the financing of technical assistance projects and institutional twinning, in a potentially large number of sectors (consumer protection, SME development, water management, sanitary and phytosanitary standards, postal sector, social protection, labor code, etc.). A Support Unit of the Program Succeed the Advanced Status, the CAP-RSA, was created in October 2012, within the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to manage the RSA program.
The overall objective of the program of which this project is part is to contribute to the implementation of the reinforced and in-depth partnership of the European Union with the Kingdom of Morocco in the advanced status framework. The specific objective is to carry out an independent follow-up of the planned developments under the disbursement tranches in view of the "budget support" component of the financing agreements signed in the context of the RSA program, to:

  1. Assess the degree of implementation of the National Regulatory Convergence Policy (eligibility);
  2. Develop a methodology for monitoring and documenting the implementation of Sectorial Indicative Action Plans (SIPs) for Regulatory Convergence;
  3. Evaluate the achievement of targets and compliance with conditionalities, with particular attention to the area of ​​water management;
  4. Evaluate the overall impact of the targets achieved in the context of Morocco's regulatory convergence objectives;
  5. Identify operational solutions for more effective and relevant achievement of regulatory convergence objectives.


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