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Consultancy Services for Determining Environmental and Social Flow Requirements in Lilongwe River Catchment


Area: Subsaharan Africa
Country: Malawi
Period: 2019-2021
Client: Lilongwe Water Board - IDA
Amount: $ 503,592

The Government of Malawi aims at supporting the improvement of water services and safely managed sanitation services in Lilongwe City under the Lilongwe Water and Sanitation Project (LWSP). The Lilongwe Water and Sanitation Project (LWSP) objective is to increase coverage access to water supply and sanitation services to the residents of Lilongwe City through rehabilitation and expansion of water distribution systems and sanitation services and facilities in the city. The project scope consists of four components: Component 1 – water distribution network rehabilitation, expansion and non-revenue water reduction; Component 2 – Priority sanitation improvements; Component 3 – Technical assistance; Component 4 – Institutional capacity strengthening.

Under this project, it was requested to determine the environmental and social flows for Lilongwe River catchment and conduct and assessment of water quality for the catchment, which is the objective of the present study.

The specific objectives of the assignment are:

  • Compile relevant available knowledge base of Lilongwe River catchment related to environmental flow requirements such as morphology, settlements, land use, hydrology, hydrogeology, water quality, water utilization, consents to discharge wastes and water rights, socio-economic developments and development plans, etc.;
  • Conduct environmental and social flow requirements for Lilongwe River catchment needed to flow and support ecosystems, population and related social activities depended on the flow of Lilongwe River;
  • Conduct surface water quality assessment for Lilongwe River Sub Catchment showing baseline water quality characteristics, point and non-point present and future sources of pollution, etc. and development of pollution regulation and control system upstream of the Lilongwe Water Board intake works;
  • Provide training to counterpart staff on environmental flows assessment attached to project that would ensure Lilongwe Water Board and Lilongwe City Council have capacity and skills to update, operate and maintain the environmental flow and related monitoring tools that will be developed during the study;
  • Assess the institutional and legal framework to implement and enforce the compliance with environmental flow requirements in Lilongwe River, as well as pollution control. The analysis includes a proposal of the required regulatory reforms needed for pollution regulation and control system upstream of the Lilongwe Water Board intake works to be effective and efficient.


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