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Advisory Services for Planning Infrastructure and Urban Redevelopment in the Msimbazi Special Planning Area

Regional & Urban Planning
Infrastructure engineering
Environment and Water resources

Area: Subsaharan Africa
Country: Tanzania
Period: 2021-2022
Client: The World Bank
Amount: USD 199.100

The World Bank’s urban development portfolio in Tanzania includes the first phase of the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project  that focuses on improving urban services and urban infrastructure. The second phase of DMDP is to be implemented during 2022-2027. The main investments under the second phase of the DMDP program focus on infrastructure and flood management upgrading in the Lower Msimbazi river basin, a strategically important area of Dar es Salaam that lies on the approaches to the central business district.

The Msimbazi Opportunity Plan (MOP) focuses on:

  1. Focus on draining river water from the basin to the ocean as quickly as possible.
  2. Creating elevated terraces to guide the water and creating higher edges to protect against flooding;
  3. Create a City Park with functional utilization of the terraces and the flood plain.

This assignment aims at helping the WB DMPD with the following:

Market Driven Development of the Redevelopment Areas

  • Plan a coherent approach to urban development of the Redevelopment Areas of Msimbazi Special Planning Area (MSPA) with the focus on the reclaimed lands (the terraces) that will be protected from flooding, in a way that ensures engagement and investment by the market.
  • Identify catalytic infrastructure and flood management interventions that could be delivered as part of DMPD to help stabilize and unlock the area for real estate development and urban regeneration.
  • Develop cost estimates for these catalytic interventions.
  • Identify entry points and viable role for the private sector in the urban regeneration activities in MSPA’s Redevelopment Areas.

City Park

  • Provide guidelines for the long-term sustainable operation of the City Park to include possible business models and governance related recommendations for managing operations of the public City Park, all in line with the international best practices for similar public amenities, to include effective flood management elements.


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