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In several areas of Africa, when entering the territory of another tribe, one is required to bear a special "passport mask". This has a profound meaning: to neutralise one's roots and individuality as a sign of respect to those whose territory is being entered. In this there is an ancient wisdom, the sublimation of humanity's neutral essence. Quoting Aeschylus Agamemnon "Provided they respect the temples and the Gods of the vanquished, then shall the victors be saved".

ARS Progetti is a consulting firm working all over the world providing services, such as surveys, studies, design and technical assistance, mainly to public committers and for public interests, in fields related with governance and human development, culture and cultural heritage, social and physical infrastructure. Its overall mission is of a professional nature and consists in finding out, proposing and helping to implement solutions "which work", with reference to complex problems affecting extended social groups, regions, countries, groups of countries. Working on this ARS Progetti pursues the interest of its direct and "indirect" clients and project beneficiaries.





Support with the 2024 calls for proposals for civil society and human rights in Honduras

We're thrilled to kick off the project "Support with the 2024 calls for proposals for civil society and human rights" in Honduras, financed by the EU under the framework contract SIEA-2018 - Lot 3. This project holds a vital mission:


🌍 Global Objective:
Our overarching goal is to support the EU Delegation to Honduras in enhancing the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the country. We aim to empower them to play active roles in development and act as vigilant watchdogs for the protection and promotion of human rights.


🎯 Specific Objective:
Our specific aim is to ensure that the CSO calls for proposals launched by the EU Delegation to Honduras in 2024 align closely with the needs, priorities, and expectations of CSOs in Honduras. These calls will focus on thematic programs concerning Human Rights and Democracy. We'll achieve this through:
- Mapping of CSOs.
- Consultation sessions focusing on CSO needs, priorities, and expectations.
- Information sessions on the EU calls for proposals, enhancing the visibility of EU support to CSOs in Honduras.


Through these initiatives, we aim to foster greater collaboration, understanding, and impact between CSOs and the EU, ultimately contributing to a more empowered civil society and a stronger commitment to human rights in Honduras.


Stay tuned for updates as we work together towards these important goals!


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