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In several areas of Africa, when entering the territory of another tribe, one is required to bear a special "passport mask". This has a profound meaning: to neutralise one's roots and individuality as a sign of respect to those whose territory is being entered. In this there is an ancient wisdom, the sublimation of humanity's neutral essence. Quoting Aeschylus Agamemnon "Provided they respect the temples and the Gods of the vanquished, then shall the victors be saved".

ARS Progetti is a consulting firm working all over the world providing services, such as surveys, studies, design and technical assistance, mainly to public committers and for public interests, in fields related with governance and human development, culture and cultural heritage, social and physical infrastructure. Its overall mission is of a professional nature and consists in finding out, proposing and helping to implement solutions "which work", with reference to complex problems affecting extended social groups, regions, countries, groups of countries. Working on this ARS Progetti pursues the interest of its direct and "indirect" clients and project beneficiaries.





Updates from Zanzibar (Tanzania) - “Planning, Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Bidding Documents for Integrated Drainage and Resilient Urban Upgrading in Zanzibar Town”

ARS Progetti Environment and Engineering Unit, in consortium with SERING Ingeneria, has been implementing this The World Bank funded project since June 2019.

It is focused in working with community members and local stakeholders to develop contextual, integrated and resilient urban upgrading and drainage plans in order to reduce flooding and improve quality of life for communities in three main areas around Zanzibar Town.

Our Project Manager Rachel Silbert recently come back from a two-month mission and after a 14-days quarantine she has finally returned to our Headquarters!

The last mission was aimed at finalizing the project, which included working with PMT, community members and other stakeholders on the Resettlement Action Plan, final workshops and presentations, and submission of the Final report, engineering designs and upgrading plans.

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