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Unveiling Solutions for Morocco’s Oasis Communities

✨ Proud to share that ARS Progetti is contributing to the World Bank-funded initiative, "Supporting the Integrated and Sustainable Management of Historical Oasis Landscapes in North Africa," with the invaluable support of PROGREEN.

📢 Our recent expedition to M'Hamid, the last oasis in Morocco's Draa Valley before the Sahara, aimed to understand the challenges confronting local communities and their environment.

👉 Through insightful interviews, on-ground observations, and interactive workshops involving diverse stakeholders, including both men and women from various sectors, we've been able to gather a wealth of crucial data.

💪 This endeavor seeks to pinpoint recommendations for safeguarding and nurturing these delicate ecosystems. Not only do these oases hold profound historical significance, but they also harbor a treasure trove of indigenous knowledge.

🟡 Stay tuned for updates as we continue our efforts to preserve these exceptional cultural and environmental assets!

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