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🌟 Exciting News from Chamanculo C! 🌟

We are thrilled to share the incredible progress made through our participatory design initiative within the framework of the "Consultancy Services to Draw Up the Technical Engineering Project, the Environmental and Social Impact Study, to Provide Technical Assistance for the Construction Of Housing, Road and Drainage Infrastructures in the Chamanculo 'C' Neighbourhood in the City of Maputo and to Draw Up and Implement the Action Plan for the Resettlement and Reorganisation of Families and Communities Affected by the Construction Work".

At the heart of our efforts lies a commitment to enhancing the living standards and public health in Chamanculo C, and we are proud to say that we are making significant strides toward this goal.

🏞️ Outcome 1: Our rehabilitated road network not only fosters permeability but also ensures safe and universal accessibility throughout the neighbourhood.

🌳 Outcome 2: We're dedicated to creating vibrant and inclusive public spaces that serve as focal points for community engagement and economic vitality.

💧 Outcome 3: Efficient storm-water drainage systems are being implemented to manage urban environments effectively and safely, while also addressing environmental concerns.

🏠 Outcome 4: As we progress, we remain committed to mitigating any disruptions caused by improvement works, ensuring that impacted individuals and businesses are relocated or compensated fairly.

📚 Outcome 5: Furthermore, we're investing in building the capacity of local authorities and technical staff, empowering them with the necessary skills for effective operation and maintenance procedures, alongside successful implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).

Our collaborative efforts underscore a shared vision for a connected, sustainable, and resilient Chamanculo C. Together, we're not just redesigning infrastructure; we're building a brighter future for the entire community.

We extend our gratitude to all stakeholders and community members for their invaluable contributions to this transformative journey. Let's continue working hand in hand towards a better tomorrow!

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