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Mission in DRC - Strengthening the operationalization of HDP nexus in area of food security by the EU

💥 Our experts, engaged in the project Strengthening the operationalization of HDP nexus in area of food security by the EU, have finalized the first mission in Democratic Republic of Congo.

🎯 The project is aimed at strengthening the operationalization of the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus in the area of food security by the European Union in its external action in fragile and crisis- or conflict affected partner countries, increasing its coherence, sustainability and impact.

➡️ In the past weeks ARS Progetti's team has organized various activities in DRC such as:

🟠 Focus groups with CSOs in Kinshasa, DRC.

🟠 Discussions with former territorial adminastration in Ngondi, Kwango province.

🟠 Site visits with ISCO, European Union partner in Kwango province.

🟠 Visits to a local NGO working on ecosystems protection and social cohesion in Kenge, Kwango Province.

💫 Moreover, the team had the chance to interview thematic experts working in food security humanitarian food assistance, nutrition/ health, social protection/ social safety nets, cash, DRR/ DP, Resilience in different EU units, as well as colleagues from CSOs, NGOs and UN local partners.

🌟 The mission was particularly useful to assess the factors and constraints that contribute to or hamper the operationalization of the HDP Nexus in the area of food security at internal EU level and in the joint work of the EU with external partners on the ground.

⏭️ Next stop Brussels!

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