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📢 On December 9, 2022, the official launching ceremony of the Technical Assistance Project for Supporting Vocational Technical Education Reform - PRETEP PLUS was held in Maputo.

🏆 ARS Progetti was awarded Lot 1 as Leading firm as well as Lot 3 as partner.

🔥 The event, which was particularly awaited by the Government of Mozambique and the Italian Development Cooperation Agency, as well as the local partners, was attended by the Secretary of State for Vocational and Technical Education, the Permanent Secretary for Youth and Employment, the Italian Ambassador, and the Head of Office of the Italian Development Cooperation Agency in Maputo.

🎯 "The goal of the PRETEP PLUS Programme is to train more than 26,000 young Mozambicans through Vocational Technical Education so that they can find decent work, particularly in the agricultural and tourism sectors."

🎯 ARS Progetti as Lot 1 Leader, is preliminary to the other two lots and consists of revising the specific objectives, formulating the strategy, the action plan and the logical framework of the whole five years programme.

🎯 ARS Progetti will aim for the integration of TVET with the productive sectors and with actors for the innovation including start-up incubators – a particularly new area in Mozambique and thus, quite promising.

💰 The project has a total value of Eur 2.510.000,00.

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