Marivita Suma

Conservation Architect
Marivita Suma is a conservation Architect, who got her specialization in Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on the evaluation of the structural behavior using NDT, with Villa Lucia in Maderno (BS) as a case study. For two years, she worked in Politecnico di Milano in the field of microclimate monitoring, following many worksites such as Sala delle Asse (painted by Leonardo da Vinci in Sforza Castle), Sacrestia Aquilonare (Milan Dome), and Tuvixeddu and Is Pirixeddu (Cagliari, archaeological sites under the Soprintendenza supervision). She has experience in non-destructive techniques (NDT) and, in her works, she used specific tools and methodologies such as thermocamera, psycrhrometer, data logger, anemometer, and sonic investigations. She obtained the license for the use of Thermocamera as level 2. She has more than 5 years of experience in architectural design and in particular in the field of conservation, restoration, and reuse of new and historical buildings. At the moment, with ARS progetti, she is working on the restoration and reuse of Al-Tahera Church and Aghawat Mosque in Mosul, Iraq, promoted by UNESCO. For two years, she also worked as a tutor in the international Conservation course in the MA of Politecnico di Milano where she learned to work in a multicultural context and improve her communication skills. She is passionate and resilient, she likes to work in a team and to have the possibility to exchange competence and knowledge.