Margherita Scoccianti

Architect planner
Ms. Scoccianti holds a Bachelor degree (B) in "Architecture", and a master degree (MA) in"Restoration of Architectural Heritage" whit a thesis in Archaeological Restoration: “Atrium Vestae, in the Roman Forum”.
She has studied and worked in Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Peru with universities and local non‐profit associations dealing with traditional construction techniques and the reuse of local materials.
She collaborates with different offices in the field of conservation, restoration, adaptation of historic buildings and she has worked as a freelancer in residential and commercial property renovations.
Since November 2019, she is collaborating with ARS Progetti at the department of planning, engineering, and cultural heritage. She worked on the following projects reverting on conservation and cultural heritage: Tanzania Zanzibar Stone Town Conservation Plan, Ghagha Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Detailed Design and Supervision of Marin Barleti Street and Lumbardhi Cinema in Prizren, Kosovo.